Girl And A Nude Selfie

The Reasons Why Nothing Is Wrong With It

The Protagonist

Thurga Ravi

Thurga Ravi, In Four Differential Portrait Views

The Narrator

Self-employed scientist, author and speaker.

The Narration

Today, I am going to talk about someone by the name of Thurga Ravi, who is an Indian girl originated from Malaysia. She is a versatile person who works and capable of being a talented singer, actor, dancer and model. Unfortunately, Thurga became famously known through Her viral nude selfie which may have been leaked online by someone whom She may have shared to.

To my eyes, there is nothing wrong with Thurga’s nude selfie. Yes, She was nude in which Her breasts can be clearly seen with Her areolas present in similar though a little darker color tone to Her skin with the nipples in the middle and Montgomery glands (small bumps presence on Her areolas). Men find this as a great selfie to look at. But many of them seems to be more interested in pouring out negative comments on Her bold nudity.

First of all, Thurga’s nude selfie is supposed to be for personal use only but the guy who got this clearly did not respect Her decision to maintain Her privacy after breaking up. But as the selfie is now available online, even I have access to the image and use it as an example to talk about why Thurga doing this is never wrong and how the person leaking this should be guilty and punished.

Secondly, Thurga looked very confident and comfortable when She posed Herself with a smile; capturing Herself through a little-to-the-top view using the front camera of Her smartphone. She clearly had a deep feeling for the guy She took this image for, not to mention She knew how good She really looked like in the nude and being completely happy with the way She has been as a lovely girl.

Thirdly, Thurga is a human being. Whether She is clothed or in the nude, She is who She is. Humans are born without clothes. We cover ourselves with clothes but no matter what, we are actually how we look like completely without clothes. This goes the same to Thurga. What we are looking at is the actuality of Thurga; all skin with external organs covering what are all within Her as a human.

Fourthly, being in the nude is not wrong and easily said, not offensive at all. Thurga being in the nude is not being offensive to anyone. The reason why we see nudity as offensive is the passing of information by the older generations to their children; deeming nudity especially in public as barbaric, vulgar, insane and so on to prevent them from being nude. To them, what Thurga did is culturally unacceptable. But She only did so at home and the only time we see Her in the nude is in the selfie.

Lastly, Thurga’s body position when She captured Herself in the image is not originally shown as leaked online. The image shown here is deliberately flipped to show the original position in which Thurga was on when the selfie taken. So, most of the people who saw the image are only looking at the mirrored version of the selfie and already judging Thurga negatively based on the image alone, not knowing exactly who She really is.

Knowing a little about Thurga’s involvement in Her nude selfie has reasons why She doing so is not something to be taken seriously and should be alright for Her to do as She pleases. She is a human being and has the rights to be whoever She wants to be and do as She likes. Nothing is wrong with Thurga’s selfie and She is undoubtedly a great girl.

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