Picture And The Minds Of Men

Knowing Is Understanding, Instead Of Seeing Is Believing

The Image

The Mosaic Picture

The Top Half Mosaic Picture

The Bottom Half Mosaic Picture

The Narrator

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Girl And The Nude Selfie

The Narration

Allow me to begin talking about a picture in which pixelization has been heavily applied as shown here. What do you see from it? If you ask me, I will let you know that I saw two different fair looking people, possibly women who seem to be in a sexualize position, which is similar to a doggy style at the top half (maybe more than half) of the image. But in the bottom half, something black representing a man’s genitalia erecting towards the top half of the image.

But is it true what shown here is similar to what we think we know? Though this image has been pixelated to cover up what is of its true nature, our minds seems able to sometimes correctly predict something based on few concepts which lead all of us to know and understand though the information given through the image are limited. So, what makes this image as it seems to be?

Point number one: The representation of colors. The image remains loyal to the maintenance of different colors our eyes can differentiate one from another. For instance, at the top half the brighter colors similar to the skin color of a White person appears nude on the image in accordance to existence of two different people apart from the surrounding where both of the people involved holding onto something; one with their hands at the front and another holding onto something at the back. The bottom half image seems direct; in today’s world, looking at it are clear understanding of both men and women of how a man’s genitalia would look like especially with the coloring directly being black in the middle and brown mixed up in between.

Point number two: The representation of shapes and sizes. The image represents certain people’s body shapes and sizes as well as external organs which are understandable by anyone who view it at least once. The shapes and sizes we know here are not of what we study in Mathematics, instead the body shapes and sizes here in the top half images look very convincingly representing women because of the slim figures which connected each other at a point where the person in the back has the frontal groin placed on the backside of the person in front. They may look like women but maybe hard to be sure due to their faces and hair completely blurred out. Maybe the one at the back can be a man but surely a woman is at the front due to the curve in between the person. The bottom half image is direct in its shape and size; one erected not-so-long black thing in the middle seems trying so hard to extend itself to the top half image.

Point number three: The representation of light. As we can see, the light in both top and bottom half are different which inform us that both are taken from different times and may have been merged together to be one image or the bottom half image may have been the full source of the whole image where the top half may have been just part of it. It seems that the top half image may have been like we said, two different people positioned in a sexualize manner similar to doggy style and the bottom half may have been deliberately made to reach out for the top half image. The man involved may have wanted to feel himself as he looks onto the top half image.

Point number four: The representation of information. As men and women, we are taught something through sex education; whether through proper studies or indirect experiences through situations involving sexual intercourse. We learned how a nude man and woman would normally look like, especially during the times media represent nudity through body forms which are more onto slim figures than the bigger ones. The information we have looking at nude people may influence how we perceive the ones at the top half image. I learned based on their body shapes, they become women in my mind and may have been performing this specific sexual position as to caress each other or maybe joking around. The bottom half image is clearly a man’s genitalia based on how I have as my own and others in which I have learn about through the Internet.

The image clearly is a very sexually suggestive picturization of a man feeling himself for another image of two nude women positioning themselves in a doggy style. We may never know who they are due to the image being pixelated and blurred heavily but knowing all this allow us to use the information we have from within our minds and what we learn from the surroundings to understand what makes incidents and things happen around the world as they are.

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